SpectroCoin Review 2018 – Is SpectroCoin.com a Scam or Legit?

Is SpectroCoin scam or legit site to trade bitcoin? Read in-depth exchange and debit card review and make a decision. SpectroCoin is a UK-based Bitcoin company that was founded on February 23, 2013. Since the first days of its presence on the market, it has been offering flexible solutions to allow everyone to safely trade the virtual currency and take advantage of the Bitcoin e-wallet.


The SpectroCoin Review

Given that SpectroCoin fully supports Bitcoin exchange and e-wallets in more than 150 countries in the world, chances are you too can experience how everything works – having a strong desire to become a new member should be just enough. And with Bitcoin itself reaching sky-high levels (much higher than many investors would predict), you would probably agree on the fact that it is a great opportunity for you to join the club.

spectrocoin card review


There are four main products offered by SpectroCoin: Bitcoin Wallet, Merchant Services, Debit Card and Exchange.

  • Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is a mobile app that contains all the information required to buy or sell using Bitcoin and it allows you to quickly make a payment by scanning a QR-code. It is available for download on the three major phone operating systems: Android (Google Play Store), iOS (App Store) and Windows (Windows Store). You can use it with hardware bitcoin wallet as well.

  • Merchant Services

Since there aren’t any limitations in terms of the use of Bitcoin (except the Internet availability), SpectroCoin can help you integrate Bitcoin as a payment method in your business.

  • Debit Card

The SpectroCoin’s second offering is a Bitcoin Debit card that isn’t much different from the credit card you’re currently using. It can be used as a regular card all over the world (just like any VISA or MasterCard) and is compatible with all ATMs.

  • Exchange

You’re able to trade Bitcoin and any supported virtual currencies, with the payment being processed in a short period of time.

A handful of different withdrawal options are supported by SpectroCoin: localized bank transfers in more than 26 countries, e-wallets such as Payeer, PerfectMoney and OkPay, and Bitcoin deposits by credit/debit cards.

Is SpectroCoin.com a Scam or Legit?

If, during a discussion, someone mentions money, we tend to get very serious and sharpen our senses as much as possible. We also do not seem to like the words ‘scam’ or ‘theft’ being mentioned in the same sentence as money. As for your worries about the SpectroCoin’s legitimacy (if you have any), you can freely breathe out as it is a trustable company with a little bit more than 4 years of experience in providing various Bitcoin services and thousands of satisfied members.

SpectroCoin.com is safe, reliable, and it allows you to create a nice basis for your future investments without any obvious limitations. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, which is why SpectroCoin has a couple of flaws as well, with the high fees being the main thing that turns away potential members. On the other side, the ease of use, Debit cards and many other convenient services should be enough to convince the average person to sail into the world of Bitcoin trading.

Hope my SpectroCoin review help you! Please feel free to share your own experience here.

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  1. I have sent them one ethereum (751.87) on february 7 2018 0xd1ff54badabe7390c43c5950c11788e68551de2a875187fea9062b17a00e612e and they have not credit my account, something about they have to manully credit accounts. i did notice they changed the eth wallet address on feb 9 to 0x2A370c7aCcD37e5e031f29bF7fC4332B6eC57AD0 several emails and ticket later still no credit to my account. Ticket #99EU4: #ISULO #TGY43 #VSVHG #X8NYP and no ethereum. I don’t know if they screw up and gave someone else my eth but that on them. i have 2fa and always check url before sending password ablucmat

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