Most Safest Temperature for GPU Mining

Find out most common used and safe temperature range for bitcoin GPU mining! Earning in cryptocurrencies basic steps are, do what the affordable for you. Since maintenance cost of any product should considerable first for any product. Here for earning Altcoin you have to follow the some steps for mining or for that you have to use some elements, and with this you can earn up some money or coins.

If you can start this all things with your PC then it’s a consumer product made for only a playing video games. Our PC or computer are consumer products (not having a range of industrial ASIC mining hardware), and with this you only play video games. If you’re PC graphics card(s) are running too hot, than you’re risking its functionality, and reducing its lifespan.

Different Temperature Zones

For risking your hardware I described you some safe rules and temperature zone for your cpu under mining condition,

  • 0C – 29C: This is the PC turn on period.
  • 30C – 49C: No any important process is running in this period generally all are checking email or fun with Facebook.
  • 50C – 59C: GPU can done its best in this period are it is not under clocked??
  • 60C – 69C: In this period some hashrate would be produced, energy optimized and you with it save electricity.
  • 70C – 75C: In this temp, get better hashrate and good temperature to heat a room.
  • 75C – 79C: Most GPU can handle this temp but you are just starting a danger zone.
  • 80C – 89C: You are playing with fire and west too much power and it can be damage your hardware too.
  • 90C – 99C: With this temp definitely some damage happening.
  • 100C – 109C: I don’t have idea with this temperature your CPU can handle all this stuff.
  • 110C+: Sorry I don’t have idea above this temperature but suggestion is not use anything with this temp.

Safe Temperature Tips to Boost Your GPU Life

  • Airing :

If your PC has 2 or more than 2 fans, turn it on at full speed, if not open one side of the cabinet, than confirm it  is it gives sufficient airflow to your GPU.if you have a mining rig,  make sure that there is enough space between each graphic card.

  • Put AC on your mining room:

This can be helps you to maintaining your GPUS temperature if temperature is controlled then all process would be maintained easily.

  • Cleans a rigs:

A rig has much more dust and too much dust can crash you GPU so clean up a rigs at a monthly format.

  • Use external fan:

This is only for a maintaining a temperature, because more temp can crash your hardware.

  • Focus on temperature:

For your GPU longer span you have to maintain a temperature, because its control can make your process safe and lifelong so the best temperature is 75 degree and with this you can maintain all the process.

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Use temperature in a safe range for GPU mining! Since It will help to boost the life of your mining hardware and ultimately reduce you expenditure if any.

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