OPENDIME Bitcoin Credit Stick Review and Price

Don’t buy OPENDIME before you read the review! Find the tips to order bitcoin credit stick wallet at best price.

Opendime is a portable stick like pen drive, which allows only Bitcoin for exchange. It works like dollar bill or one type of Bitcoin credit stick.

opendime bitcoin credit stick review

Opendime has much more advantages in this crypto currency field. Moreover it is open source bitcoin hardware wallet which you can use as per your choice without any restriction. You can use your stick to check bitcoin balance. Simply connect it with any USB device and start using it. Opendime works with Tablet, Smartphone, PC and other devices too.

How to Use It?

Opendime is the world’s first bitcoin credit stick wallet that let you examine the status of bitcoin balance at anywhere anytime. A Credit stick is built up with advanced hardware that encrypts your data, so it is 100% safe and secure alternative than digital wallet.

Mode of operate is almost same for V1, V2 and V3. However it is better to follow the user manual to get clear idea. In order to use Opendime, you have to connect to your device then use it as a normal bitcoin wallet. It never leaks your confidential data and that’s why it become more and more popular option among cryptocurrency users.


Let’s start Opendime Review by providing it’s awesome features.

  • Easy to operate even if you are non-technical person. No any additional software needed.
  • Generates a separate private key to operate it.
  • Supports various devices including PC, Tablet, and Smartphone. More and more devices are being added.
  • No miner fees and confirmation delays. Pass it on multiple times!
  • Built on the fundamental bitcoin features that are compatible with future and current changes.
  • You can store as much or as little as needed, No any pre-defined bitcoin amounts.
  • 100% trustable and secure option.


There are two packages available; however price is same for both. You can buy Opendime 3-pack for bitcoin or 3-pack for litecoin and price is $37.50 each pack. Litecoin package is available for Pre-order. Don’t bother if you see out of stock message for either. They work hard to produce as much as needed.

Why to Buy OPENDIME?

There are lots advantages for buying this some of that we discuss here,

  • Pass it multiple times, no need to worry about data being theft.
  • Generates physical private key, so your bitcoins are always in safe hand.
  • One time investment, No any transaction charge or fees at all.
  • Unseal anytime to spend online. It’s like piggy bank which is safe and you need to break to get money.

Conclusion – It is Best Credit Stick Wallet?

In modern era of the world cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. Due to increase in popularity and price (~$6K) so many hackers try to steal your data. Opendime provides safe, reliable and affordable alternative to check your bitcoin balance. It is truly the best portable device that bitcoin user must try. Hope you find reviews of OPENDIME helpful. Please share your own opinion too.

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