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Don’t buy Hashnest cloud mining and hash package before you my review! Find the perfect cloud mining calculator to calculate your profit.

Hashnest is an advanced cloud hash platform where you can participate for Bitcoin mining without maintaining any hardware yourself. It is china based company that was launched by bitmain in 2014.

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Usually there are lots of online tools and services available for cloud computing, hashing and bitcoin mining but Hashnest is the totally unique platform that let you mine cryptocurrency without spending huge amount of money on bulky hardware. You just have to purchase any of their packages to start earning bitcoins. Apart from all these Hashnet also offer hash exchange, trade GHS, hash trading and mining hosting.

The Hashnest Cloud Mining Review

The cloud mining equipment at Hashnest consists of mining rigs from the Ant miner series, from S3 to S9. Clients can also purchase Ant miners for their own usage.

The website has a photo collection of nicely built cloud mining farm in a warehouse. At least 8-10 racks of miners are placed to 6 level high selves that are storing the miners. It looks like they run cloud mining on a big scale.

Its Unique Features

  • It provides variety of hash rate services.
  • The user can here buy or sell contracts in easy manners.
  • Lets you earn bitcoin, litcoin and other precious cryptocurrencies.
  • It is 100% reliable and trustworthy service who makes payments in regular manner. Based on your earning you can request payment daily or weekly or monthly too.
  • Due to highly competitive rate, you can always make profit by selecting any of their plans.
  • No need to worry about costly electricity bills, hardware noise and warranty.
  • Simple and good navigation facilities.


  • It holds variety of physical hardware and its trusty platform for cloud miners.
  • Offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. You will always have stable mining.
  • Offers flexible packages, so you can trade, transfer, downgrade or upgrade your existing plan.
  • Offers two step verification to highest level of safety and security.
  • Stay connected with easy to use Smartphone application available for iOS and Android device.


  • Conversions rate sometimes slightly have different nature.
  • Don’t worry and trial package, so you need to buy regular one to test their services.
  • Not giving some extra things for registrations means not offering perks to attract anyone.

Payment Methods:

You can purchase hashrate from marketplace or their app shop. They accept all major debit and credit cards, PayPal and direct bank transfer.

Conclusion: Why to Buy Hashnest Mining Plan?

The Hashnest is a Bitcoin mining company where you can mine the Bitcoin easily format compare to others.

The cloud mining service offered by Hashnest is brought to the clients with the well-known brand, the Bitmain mining rigs. The mining contracts are designed for the experienced Bitcoin miners due to its complex nature. But once the terms of service are understood, Hashnest cloud mining can be a great opportunity for Bitcoin mining without hardware equipment but still earning decent revenues upfront, soon after registration.

Hashnet offers wide range of options and packages, so you will always find something that fits your requirement. Moreover they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee too. All these things available at affordable price, so why should you wait?

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