Coinsecure Reviews 2018 – Is Scam or Legit Site?

Is scam or legit website? Read the review before you buy and sell bitcoin in India. Coinsecure is a cryptocurrecny exchange website established in July 2014 by Mohit Kalra and Benson Samuel.

coinsecure review - Is it scam site? is an India based website company and registered by Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt. Ltd. There are so many bitcoin exchanges exist for India; hence It is good to first read the review of such site before taking any steps.


Bitcoin is a future of currency and there exchange rate would be the most important things so here Coinsecure provide 24/7 live rates of Bitcoin. Coinsecure lets you buy, sell and accept the Bitcoin. It provides the live rate of buying or selling the Bitcoin, at the minimum rate you can exchange here. Coinsecure believe to give you max of your cryptocurrency whenever you bu y or sell it, hence always try to give you best rate as compared to competitors.

Coinsecure Review – Is It Scam or Legit Bitcoin Site?

Let’s start Coinsecure review by knowing how to use this website?

  • Create your account:

With a simple name and your unique mail id, you can register here to get your personalized account to trade cryptocurrencies.

  • Activate your account:

A next step is to activate your account. Open your mail ID and confirm the email address by clicking the link provided in email.

  • Verify this:

Go to the Coinsecure website, and login to your account. As per Govt of India you need to link KYC to account. Upload Pan Card, Aadhar Card and your bank details to fully verify your account.

  • Deposit funds in Coinsecure:

Now it’s time to deposit fund your account to start trading bitcoin.


How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Coinsecure?

In Coinsecure buy and sell section is very simple and straight forward for anything. You just have to follow the some steps of these sections.

  • Once you complete the bank deposit sections you have to go this section.
  • Go to the buy and sell section.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy the Bitcoin.
  • Click on buy.
  • Your request would be submitted for buy. Exchange will impose rate at time when they process your request. It may be little high or low due to constant change in rate. However they always try to clear request within couple of minutes.

Same is the case of selling bitcoins. Go to sell section and initiate withdrawal request. Wait for the approval and automatically get fund in your bank account. [Find Bitcoin HYIPs Review]

Pros of

  • Provide on time exchange rate of Bitcoin in India.
  • Use mock trading platform- it helps to treading without money.
  • Only charges 0.3 % trade fees.
  • Lets you buy or sell bitcoin in Indian rupee. No any currency exchange required.
  • It offers “cold storage” where certain of your amount would be available for emergency funds.


  • Slow verification exists whenever you register here.
  • Site takes much more time to open.
  • Busy servers may fluctuate the current price.

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In today the cryptocurrecny trend, Coinsecure is going to be hottest platform for investment in India. It requires no any technical knowledge, so even newbie can also create an account to start trading bitcoin in Indian currency. Hope my review of Coinsecure helps! You should also share your own experience here.

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