Bitbond Review – Is It Legit or Scam Bitcoin Lending?

Don’t think about Bitbond before you my in-depth review! A Bitbond is peer to peer leading platform for Bitcoin users and the site is operated by Bitbond GmbH which based in Berlin, Germany. This is the place where you had a loan for Bitcoin or invest here also in Bitcoin without any banking process.

bitbond reviews and scam

So it’s one type of bank which handles a borrower and lender here. Bitbond is the online platform from where you can borrow Bitcoin or lend your something else in need for specific time duration. It is like a bank of bitcoin where you can sign up easily with your email address and full name. It requirements less documents and process is hassle-free.

Bitbond Review – How Does It Work?

Let’s start the review by providing their working principle. Bitbond is the bridge between borrower and the lender that makes a contract to transact specific amount of Bitcoin. The loans can have duration of 6 weeks to up to 5 years. Borrower has to pay within this period.

Before putting loan request, you must have a rating of your own on this loan request, and you get it with the help of your financial assets.

The loan request is published in Bitbond marketplace where lenders can place bids in auction. The loan request is in the marketplace for up to 14 days.

Both get a payment schedule, and it will be displayed in their own member’s area and personal account after an auction finished successfully.

Unique Features

  • You can freely signup here doesn’t pay anything for that.
  • Being a bitcoin holder you can invest your money globally and can get up to 13% high-interest rate.
  • It takes 0% service charge for any service.
  • They offer AutoInvest tool to automatically lend your bitcoin.
  • Manually check the credit of all borrowers and rate them from A to F.
  • It provides highest return of investment; up to 20% and average 13%.
  • Transparent system without any hidden charges.
  • Thousands of happy customers all around the world.

Pricing and Fees

Price is depends on you what type of loan you can buy,

  • 6 weeks term loan: 1.0% of the funded amount.
  • 6 months term loan: 1.5% of the funded amount.
  • 12 months term loan: 2.0% of the funded amount.
  • 36 months term loan: 2.5% of the funded amount.

Is Bitbond Scam or Legit Bitcoin Lending?

Wondering if Bitbond a scam company or truly works? Let’s share my own experience here.

BitBond is 100% legit company for all those who plan to invest in global platform. I tried them to test the water by lending bitcoin equivalent to $500 and get around 12.3% returns within short period of time. Their system is fully automatically, however they manually check the entire borrower and approve only one who pass the certain criteria. No need to worry about your investment as your money will be in safe hand.

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If you are lender and looking for better investment platform that saving account then Bitbond is the solution. If you are startup business or small venture and looking for hassle-free loan with less documentation then go for It’s the perfect platform that available globally.

If you have any query or want to share your own Bitbond review then don’t hesitate to add your comment here.

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