Best MinerGate Alternatives Mining Sites in 2018

Are you feed up with MinerGate and looking for alternative platform? Read my in-depth analysis and review best mining sites that are reliable and effective too.

MinerGate was founded on the 24th of March, 2014 and was the first mining pool for cryptocurrencies. It supports PPS and PPLNS payment modes.

MinerGate is the ways of mining on your pc. It is also a mining pool where you can generate different types of cryptocurrencies. MinerGate doesn’t require any physical hardware or device from your side. You can use cloud server available with different hash power to mine anything.

Supported coins: BTC, ETH, XMR

MinerGate is a good to use, you can mine anything’s in your personal pc or laptop or even with your smartphone, and However It Is noticed that their hash rate ratio isn’t that much effective to generate the coins. One notable things of MinerGate is you can simultaneously generate two Altcoin at a time process so that’s beneficial for any person.  But drawback is that It will reduce efficiency of your server.

Why Do You Need Alternative to MinerGate?

MinerGate is a good for mining the cryptocurrencies and here you can generate multiple coins at a time but there are various reasons exists which suggests you to choose some another,

  • In fact, it supports very few digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and XMR.
  • Not much hashrate ratio available for generating the coins compare to other web related to these type things.
  • Charge of service is comparatively high and service isn’t worth the money you spend.
  • Efficiency of earning the coins much lower and not be much effective, you cannot get here profitable earnings.
  • Company has high amount of negative review from their customer who force us not to use them.

best mining alternative to minergate

Top Mining Sites like MinerGate

Below are three mining alternative platform to MinerGate. Choose either of them to boost your profitability with outstanding customer support.


  • Update the orders rate in a single 10 seconds so it would be markedly and profitable in market place.
  • You would be seeing your price and lots of pool is existed for your choice.
  • More flexible in background, to get order from buyers and having good PPS system.
  • It has many supported pools.
  • 23 different mining algorithms available and here pay for what you mine.
  • It has daily 243000 active members and 485000 active members.


  • Instant mining and start as quick as possible whenever you payment is confirmed.
  • Gives you unlimited contract period means there are no time limits for use anything, in particular some things you can be have one year contract.
  • Give you all things in a detail statistics format so you can be able to analyze your data.
  • Offers wide range of pools, so that you have many options to choose from.
  • No any hidden free takes and fixed fees.
  • Easily get payment withdrawals.

Genesis Mining

  • You don’t need any hardware as they provide their powerful hardware that runs 24×7 hours for you.
  • Don’t need any physical things it’s a cloud mining so buy a package and they’ll give you a proportionate share of their mining power.
  • Genesis Mining pays your investment incoming daily to your designated wallet system.
  • It offers six cryptocurrencies to generate so the more you spend, the more hashing power you can access. Some Genesis Mining subscription plans come with a contract requirement.
  • Easy to usable.


MinerGate provides limited features and has so many restrictions. Furthermore profitability ratio is also low here, so I suggest switching to other mining website listed above.

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