Best Legit Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites 2018 (Find Review)

Find out the best rated legit and safe bitcoin cloud mining websites that you can trust! Cloud Mining is the process of Bitcoin mining that utilizes a remote data center with shared processing power. This is how cloud mining enables users to mine Bitcoin or alternative crypto currencies without managing the hardware.

How Does Remote Mining Works?

Bitcoin cloud mining gives you access the output of mining power from Bitcoin mining hardware, which is located in remote data centers.

Being an end user you can mine biotin remotely in the cloud. It is best for beginners and non-technical people who want to take benefit of mining without worrying about server setup. You can concentrate on mining part only and no need to worry about electricity, hosting, power, installation, downtime etc.

legit bitcoin cloud mining provider sites

Awesome Advantages:

  • These technologies are an excellent opportunity to earn a crypto-currency without any special knowledge of Bitcoin or mining.
  • Best way to start mining with minimum investment and maximum profit.
  • Don’t have to buy expensive hardware units.
  • No need to deal with maintenance issues like for cooling, refreshing and any other things.
  • Choose from wide range of plans as per your budget.
  • No need to worry about electricity cost.
  • Easy to usable.
  • No manpower required, you just sit to monitor your profit on daily basis.

Things to Consider While Buying Cloud mining

If you are beginners and want to start with cloud mining then makes sure to first read below checklist to avoid any scam.

  • Interfacing and uses: A good website does not overload the visitors with information because the user interface is also important. The simpler the processes of registering and filling out forms for renting equipment you have these things better.
  • Reliability: You need to check which company you are actually dealing with, how long it is on the market and what the current users or previous miners say about them?
  • New and unique equipment: Good companies pay special attention to the unique and effective ways of earning crypto-currencies and also offer their users highly advanced and latest hardware to earn maximum profit.
  • Activity process: You should also check the company activity process and their ongoing decisions that might affect existing or new users.
  • Pricing and Fees: It is most important factor. Check and compare the mining plans of various cloud miners with price and features. You should also check the fees if any for withdrawal process and any other activities. Ultimate you are here to earn profit, so find company which gives best ROI.
  • Services: What type of service and facilities it can provide must see before select anything.

Best Legit Bitcoin Cloud Mining websites

Now you know everything about cloud mining, so I am going to provide best legit sites that you can choose without any hesitation.

Genesis Mining Review

  • Genesis mining’s Bitcoin mining system is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies, as well as for cryptocurrecny experts and large-scale investors.
  • Support Altcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.
  • Mining different coins same time.
  • Simple pricing for profitable mining.
  • Easy to usable.

Hashflare Review

  • Choose from wide range of plan and calculate profit using profitability calculator.
  • Provides stable mining option.
  • Flexible to use.
  • Hashing started immediately and it eliminates costly electricity bills, hardware investment and warranty headaches.
  • Trusted and reliable for use.
  • Low transaction fee and support various wallets too.


  • Instant connections
  • Bitcoin withdrawals would be instantly
  • Detail statistics report is available.
  • Different type pool allocations available.
  • Fixed rate is considered.

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Cloud mining is the best way to start earning of Bitcoin and with the help of any of above three sites you can start off. Hope my review helps to find top mining website that support cloud (remote) access. Please feel free to share your own experience here.

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