Best Bitcoin Lending Sites and Platforms

Are you looking for best rated bitcoin lending websites and platforms? Read my in-depth review and analysis to find one that match your requirements.

In Today’s time cryptocurrency market is running parallel to normal banking system. In fact, within next few years, it may be adopted by every country. It is digital currency market with main currency is Bitcoin. You can buy, sell and transact same as normal banking.

How Does Loan Platform Works?

top most bitcoin lending platforms

Bitcoin is being more and more expansive due to boost in demand. However you can still get bitcoin by borrowing it from someone who owns it. It is like a loan system where you can borrow bitcoin for certain period of time and pay interest for that.

Now you might be wondering how it works. There are numbers of companies which allows you to land or borrow cryptocurrencies. It is works a medium to connect borrower and lenders from all around the world.

There are various Bitcoin Lending Platforms which allows you to get loans from lenders worldwide. This allows you to set the lending and borrowing interest rates yourself and on the other hand, removes the monopoly of Banks.

How to Get Bitcoin Loans?

If you are a legit person in this market, then getting a Bitcoin loan is not big thing. Normally all the Bitcoin Lending sites stick with following procedure:

  1. Register on the Platform.
  2. Get verify your account.
  3. Choose the type of Loan and the lending rates you want.
  4. Get your loan approved within a few hours, and receive your funds anywhere in the world.

Best 3 Bitcoin Lending Sites


Master mind Radoslav Albrecht is the founder of Bitbond. He started Bitband back few years ago to provide a universal platform where anybody can lend or borrow their digital currencies. Today, It is available in more than 170 countries and have hundreds of thousands of happy clients worldwide.

Bitbond express them as a platform where small person can expand their business with the help of getting loans fast and in a cheapest rate.

Loan borrowers can be get loan here with simple way, you just create account here and interest of loan is 0.5 to 3 percentage (%) only.


Xcoins is a US based lending platform and sergey nikitin is a master mind of this cryptocurrency company. This platform has different criteria for approval of loan, below are some of that.

  • In this of platform, borrowers need to deposit equal amount of USD as collateral for the amount of Bitcoin they wish to borrow.
  • Borrowers and Lenders both need to sign up and get verified. And borrowers and lenders will need to link their PayPal account with their Xcoins account.


It is operated in 60+ countries and gives you loan for converting your small business to big business. Even if you are owner of startup you can still get loan here.

Security is the biggest challenge when you use crypto-currency, but with BTCPOP you won’t have to worry about it. Their platform is fully secured and 100% reliable that you can use from anywhere. Loans are also processed here fast and doesn’t matter the how big amount is! BTCPOPs daily volumes are very high and this brings liquidity from the borrower’s perspective.

You can borrow any amount between 0.01BTC to 500 pieces but the borrower have to provide collateral especially if they are considered high risk individuals.

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